Art Thrives Here.

A unique collection of 36 art and design studios, loft apartments, and three levels of galleries.

Our goal is to establish a space where artists from every discipline can work and display their art together.

Current Exhibitions.

Join us in exploring the Main Gallery and Outback Gallery on our ground floor, the Skylight Gallery on the second level, and the Special Exhibit Space in the lower level. We have four unique show openings each month to enjoy.

Meet the Artists.

The Burkholder Project houses both studio and associate artists who bring their unique style and point of view to the gallery. Artists are encouraged to engage with the community as well as other artists to better themselves and their work.


New Acrylics by Jasmine Greenwaldt

New Acrylics by Jasmine Greenwaldt

Jasmine Greenwaldt’s art is a vibrant tapestry of emotion and exploration, where each stroke and layer bursts with color and expression. Show runs March 1st - 30th

“Richard Terrell, Recent Watercolors and Other Works”

“Richard Terrell, Recent Watercolors and Other Works”

“Richard Terrell, Recent Watercolors and Other Works”, The most recent works in this show represent a response to a specific place, toward Linwood, Nebraska, as seen from a high hill at Camp Moses Merrill, located a few miles from Linwood.

Of Lines and Textures

Of Lines and Textures

Suzanne Ócsai is an artist and professor living in Lincoln, Nebraska. Her photography show Of Lines and Textures explores themes of love, loss, grief and finding your roots. On display March 1st - 30th

About the Gallery.

In 1987, Anne Burkholder bought and restored a run-down carpet factory in the Haymarket District. She turned the space into a creative atmosphere that encouraged artists to explore their various disciplines and mature in their own work.

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