Anne Burkholder

Gallery Founder

Anne Burkholder has painted landscapes since she was 12 years old. Her art is inspired by her childhood in the Sandhills as well as frequent trips to remote locations across the plains.

But to Anne, art is meant to be collaborative, which is why in 1987 she purchased an old carpet factory in Lincoln’s Haymarket District. At the time, the area was run-down, but Anne saw potential. Her goal was to establish a space where artists from every discipline could work and display their art together.

Where we began in 1987

After over 36 years, Anne is still involved in Lincoln’s art community and works to help artists hone their craft.

A bright and exciting community.

We invite you to join us, observe our creative processes, ask questions, learn about each of our art forms, browse through the galleries and visit the working studios and shops where you can see not only the finished works, but the works of art in progress.

Over the years, Anne has welcomed hundreds of artists and art-lovers into her collective. The Burkholder Project has a reputation for being a pillar in the History Haymarket because of its contribution to Lincoln’s art community.

Emerging artist opportunities.

In addition to studio rentals, we offer a residency program for young artists dedicated to growing their practice and body of work. We aim to provide a flexible stipend based on need and free studio space for a 1 year period to select artists. Contact us for additional information and application details, this has been made possible with a generous donation from the Howard Kaye family.

Available Rentals

Studio B, Lower Level

$250/month, 180 sq ft

Studio F, Lower Level

$255/month, 285 sq ft

Studio G, Lower Level

$276/month, 337 sq ft