Alan R. Smith

Studio 5

Artist medium(s): Photography

Artist Website:

A photograph captures a subject at a particular moment in time, and allows the viewer to examine that particular version of the subject for as long as desired.  Photographs are a way to preserve images and rekindle memories of experiences that each of us have had.  My images represent something that captured my interest at the time.  It may have been the subject matter, form, lighting, atmosphere, or any number of reasons.  The  photographs are windows through which the viewer can see what I saw at a given moment, experience something of what I experienced at the time, recall a similar experience that they have had, or, perhaps, discover something new.

My recent work involves generating unique perspectives on common natural and man-made subjects.

Current Work

Sunflower 2

Peruvian Daffodils 2

Heliconia and Roses