Ann O’Hara

Associate Artist

Artist medium(s): Pastels

Artist Website:

From my first stroke of solid pigment pastel on textured paper, I was hooked. The medium of soft pastels is totally appealing to me as an artist. Spontaneity, bold and vibrant color, and the options of smooth or textured strokes, blending or layering are all good things. Pastels are very forgiving….important in painting and in life. Once the idea for a painting has been planted in my head, it wanders around in there until the pastels beckon.

Current Work

The Black Lagoon, pastel, $350

Footprints in the Sand, 21.5"x17.5"

Platte River

Waiting for Permission

Barcelona Bubbles, pastel, $2900

Action on the Warf, 24x20

Where's Lunch?, 19x16

Opalescent Moon, pastel, $1100

Hello Beautiful, 13x15