Anne Burkholder

Studio Location: 1

Artist medium(s): Oil

Artist Website:

Anne’s art has always been about her experiences in nature – the way the clouds move across the sky in an afternoon, the water moves against the smooth stones or the trees are nestled together in perfect symmetry. Her landscapes are a reflection of her childhood memories, but also the moments that bring her the greatest peace.
Standing in open places, feeling the wind, smelling the soil – these are the moments she remembers when she paints. Her work captures moments, for herself, and for others who want to know, remember and cherish the beauty of The Great Plains.

Current Work

Horizon 1347 After the Rain South Lancaster Co

Horizon 1358 Stone Creek Falls

Horizon 1359 Smith Falls Revisited

Horizon 1337 Merritt Reservoir Boardman Creek

Horizon 1361 Morning Glory North Loup River

Horizon 1321 East of Macy Omaha Indian Reservation