Chris Taylor

Associate Artist

Artist medium(s): Textiles / Fiber

Artist Website: N/A

Chris Taylor is a self-taught artist with a passion for expressing herself with textiles, fibers, and textures. Chris’s work aims to draw people in to appreciate the beauty and detail of fiber art. She creates unique pieces by dyeing, felting, rubbing, stamping, stenciling, manipulating, and enhancing with inks, stains, and paints. Surface designs are then embellished with beads, glass, and gems. Her pieces are one of a kind. The processes are unique, treating each stage as an individual creation coming together. Starting out as a traditional quilter (she still enjoys traditional quilting) she wanted to expand her horizons by taking workshops to learn new techniques and incorporating them into her work. Some are contemporary while others are traditional with a twist. Some works are quilted and embellished others are inspired by the fabric itself, simple elegance with dimensional features and qualities.

Current Work

Serenity III, $150

Serenity I, $150

Serenity II