David Cochran

Studio Location: 3

Artist medium(s): Acrylic on Metal and 3D Printing

Artist Website: N/A

I did my first art work about 12 years ago – after retirement. I don’t think of myself as an artist. I do try to create visual “things” that I guess are art. Others seem to think they are. Those things I do produce, and offer, are done in different ways. Some of the originals I hand draw, hand paint, or create on a computer. I then create a computerized image that I use to cut or etch onto acrylic sheet using a laser machine. I usually rub acrylic paint into the etched surfaces and rub the excess paint off. The end result is essentially a print on acrylic sheet – not paper. Sometimes I create the image in steel.


Additionally, I have created scenes in which I put silhouettes of the people who commission the piece. My favorite scene is a wine bar. In that scene I can, and have, put people and their pets in it. The end result is either done in acrylic sheet or steel. I would love to do more of these. These cost less than expected.


So, to sum it up, succinctly, I:

Mostly do prints in an unusual form. They are on acrylic sheet.

Do some prints on photographic paper.

Will create a scene with silhouettes of anyone the customer wants. Printed on:

Photographic paper

Acrylic sheet


Stainless Steel


Contact Information:


Phone – 703 725-4404

Email – dc@unl.edu

Current Work

In Flight, 14x16, $100

Wheat Grasses

Woods, 11x15, $100