Duane Adams

Associate Artist

Artist medium(s): Ceramics & Painting

Artist Website: https://www.duaneadamsart.com/

My paintings and drawings are image based. I do not consider my work to be photo-realism or realism. Certainly the images have naturalism but that is not my concern when creating them. I am interested in the pose, the gesture, the lighting and/or the overall mood of the subject. I use either acrylics or oils because I enjoy each for their unique qualities. In drawing I use either colored pencils or oil crayons depending on the look I am trying to achieve.

My ceramic work consists mainly of polychromed earthenware pieces. I use both wheel thrown and hand built techniques, choosing the method to use by what the finished piece is to look like. I create mostly non-utilitarian works intended as art objects. I have also made knitting bowls with traditional glazes. But I dislike most earthenware glazes, so I have developed a method of multi-staining that is the signature of my ceramics.

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