Exhibits & Events

July First Friday Event

July 5th from 5pm – 8pm

Join us for a group show featuring Patty Scarborough and Sharon Ohmberger in the Main Galley. Susan Hart and Tom Quest will be in the Outback Gallery.  Mindy Burton in the Skylight Gallery, and guest artist Diane Reiber in our Special Exhibit Space.

Shows run July 5th – 27th

Main Gallery

“Shared Spaces” will be a group show featuring Patty Scarborough and Sharon Ohmberger.

Patty Scarborough reveals a little about her thoughts behind this series, “This collection represents both my love of the open views of the Great Plains, and also the more intimate scenes that are offered to us.”


Outback Gallery

“Connecting” by Susan Hart and Tom Quest

“This show is the result of taking cues from my creative process. What seems like random choices of paint and paper are clues connecting my past, present and future creative endeavors. I paid attention to prompts and allowed my paintings to inform each other to take me on an unexpected creative path. This body of work is a passageway, connecting old and new color palettes and painting styles as well as developing a balance that unites conflicting demands of art and life.” – Susan Hart

“I love to collaborate with other artists on group projects. Sharing ideas and processes is fundamental to pushing the level of my own art to constantly improve. Recently I have introduced new materials which is very exiting! The goal of all my work is to provide immediate beauty and never look ordinary.” – Tom Quest

Skylight Gallery

“Natures Design” by Mindy Burton

These works all represent a bright way of seeing things around us. Manipulation and embellishment of details allows me a playful way to view things.


Special Exhibit Space

“Thin Places” by Diane Reiber

Hushed and stunned by the luminous clouds above I keep my eyes fixed on them while they continually shift, changing the tapestry of the sky. I stare in wonder at their briefness, welcoming these thin places that enable quiet moments like this to wake me up and realize the sacredness of who I am in this moment. Appreciating that feeling deep in my bones of the presence within, allowing unspoken language to enter and restore.


“Shared Spaces”

“Shared Spaces”

Group show including artists Patty Scarborough and Sharon Ohmberger. On display July 5th - 27th



Work by Tom Quest and Susan Hart can be found in the Outback Gallery. Show runs July 5th - 27th