Karen Krull Robart

Associate Artist

Artist medium(s): Mixed Media

Artist Website: https://kkrullrobart.com/

It all starts with plain white fabric, either cotton or silk. Add some water, some paint and dye, and maybe a sprinkling of sunshine or pixie dust. No patterns, no photos, just imagination. If the stars are aligned just right, 

Magic Happens.

 For me, that Magic captures the beauty of this planet that I call home. The wide open spaces of her prairies; the shores of her great lakes; the skies that soar off into infinity – all of these create in me a sense of place, of peace, of belonging. My physical self is grounded in the soils of this land. My spiritual self soars into the spacious skies above me. My art is a reminder that I am part of the Universe, and It is part of me.

Current Work

Fire in the Sky

Colorado Wheat Fields

Summer Sunset