Sammy Lynn

Associate Artist

Artist medium(s): Batik & Drawing

Artist Website: N/A

“I have always loved making artwork, but the schools I attended did not offer art,” the Oklahoma native said of her formative years. “As an adult, I attended many classes and workshops.” In 1982, Lynn and two other artists formed a group called “Sink, Inc. & Co.” “Our artwork focused on women’s daily lives,” said Lynn. “It was a time when it was difficult for women to be recognized in the art world.” Now, all three actively show their work with various art groups, galleries, and competitions.

Recalling her early days as an artist, Lynn said, “Batik is a messy business, and my studio at home was also known as the kitchen and laundry room. My main job as a farm wife was cooking, but batik and cooking in a small kitchen were a difficult combination.” Eventually, Lynn opened a studio above the Strand Theatre in Hastings, thinking she would be there for a month. The experimental studio away from home turned into a 39-year stint. This past summer, she completed the move to a specially built studio on the farm where she lives south of Hastings.

Current Work