Sheila Downey

Associate Artist

Artist medium(s): Watercolor

Artist Website: N/A

Being asked what I like to paint is a good question, but can be difficult to explain. “Do you paint landscapes? Portraits? Still-life?” I live in the country with no close neighbors. I like the feeling of space and openness. Peace and simplicity. Space to breathe. I try to incorporate this feeling in my artwork.

I work with a different approach when I paint. I like a twist between what is real and what could or could not be. Using subject matter that is simple I can emphasize the use of space. By using light and dark shadows in my painting it shows contrast. Adding lines to my subject matter it gives a sense of movement. Using different sizes of shapes in the painting adds variety. The organization of my painting is important to me. A painting that is balanced, has contrast, and emphasis is my objective. Paintings that are original and unique.

I do not paint a picture, I paint a composition.

Current Work

Organic Cast Shadows

3 Points

Sunflower and Bittersweet