Creating art is not just something I do, but a manner in which I live and an integral part of being. It is about finding beauty in the ordinary, each day observing the world as if for the first time.

Line, shape, texture, and color have always intrigued me. Using a mix of media within a nonobjective/abstract theme enables me to explore those things in the process of creating my paintings. It is about using the familiar to discover the unfamiliar.  

My work is much more than creating a pleasing design. My approach is intuitive. I work with layers that suggest themes of the spiritual aspects of time and human life. It is the journey that I take as I build layers of paint, paper, and texture— the dance of adding and subtracting—bringing to light what is intrinsic. It answers the stirring in my soul while creating a history that evokes a sense of time, memory, and mystery.

The final layers are added through community. The conversations I have, brought through the eyes of the viewer, exposes layers of ideas and meaning that are new to me. Through this dialog and relationship building, my artwork grows and flourishes.