Charles “Tim” Timken

Associate Artist & Studio 4

Artist medium(s): Painting

Artist Website:

My work represents an ongoing movement between abstract and representational. One feeds off the other and sometimes produces a hybrid. The trick is not to overthink it and just let intuition take over.

I strive for strong compositions using negative space countered by a central image. My intention is to create visual drama by pitting different textures, colors, values and sizes against one another.

Current Work

Untitled, 30 x 30, oil, $700

Passage 1, 24 x 36, oil, $700

Landform, Oil

The Shape of Land, oil

Overview 2, 30 x 30, oil

Industrial II, 24 x 24, oil, $400

Abstract Landscape, 30x30, oil

Passage 2, 24 x 36, oil, $700

Overview 1, 30 x 30, oil

Industrial, 24 x 30, oil, $450